We dropped to the ground for push-ups I said to Shari, “Do you remember wearing that shirt for the first time?” Shari smiled and said, “To this day that day will always be one of my best accomplishments”. We were both beaming and I said “You did it!”. Shari wore her Be1st tank to her first Spartan race in June 2016. As we moved to the next Boot Camp station I was overwhelmed with emotion thinking about Shari and a few others in the gym that day that bring me to tears. Right before we picked up the Battle Ropes I hugged Shari and said “I am so happy to know you girl.” We chatted a little bit more as we slammed those damn ropes and Shari said, “I love what you do. The writing. The workouts.” I simply replied “We do what we have to do….every damn day.” 

It hit me. 

Every.Damn.Day. I get up every single day and wonder what will come my way and I smile. Really, smile. There were days a little under five years ago when my feet would hit the floor and simultaneously I would say “Ugh”. I would slither through the morning routine and out the door to work with a scowl on my face. I was not miserable. I think I was just going through the motions and waiting to climb back into bed and arise for the next morning’s ugh. 

By now, you have been following me and know that so much of me has changed since 2014. The ripple effect of my transformations have turned into a tidal wave in some arenas which have caused an upheaval of sorts. Life changes are coming that I just know will bring a slew of opportunities. Instead of trudging out of bed, I fly to the Keurig (which is now known as “Nancy” since Siri recently changed my Keurig to Kerrigan. See? Little silly things like this make me giggle and look at things differently) and create caffeine gold which perks me up in no time. I come alive in the few hours before I leave for work. I can truly say that I hit the ground running each day. 

There are days when I complain and complain LOUDLY. The traffic is bad. Long Island is turning. No one knows how to drive. I am hungry. I need more coffee. Why does my foot hurt? Damn it, my foot really does hurt. Then I remember….just breathe. Let us take it all in. Think of how lucky you really are. You live on Long Island – still a great place. You are driving to work – be happy you have a career you love. You have food to eat and there is a Starbucks on every corner. I even remind myself that I have feet – some do not. Shut up and breathe Kiki. Let’s tackle this day and slay it. 

Work is forever busy. They say a busy mind will never allow you to truly grow old. If that is the case, I may be walking this earth until I am 127. Not likely but the Kiki math makes it fun to think about. I come home each day to unwind and then change for the gym. It is a nightly ritual. I leave the house and set up my playlist for the 20-minute drive to Westbury. I sing at the top of my lungs. Lately I have been belting out tunes from the Mean Girls Broadway soundtrack. I am getting better actually. I may consider auditioning. You never know. They may need an understudy someday and I’m just the girl for the job. But I digress. 

I pull into the gym and I’m flanked by my circle. We are all part of this crazy world. We have each other. We have made each other strong. We are all raising kids. Survived 9/11. Losing a spouse and trying to raise a family without losing a step. Running marathons. Raising a child with a disability. We are all different yet we are the same. We all have goals, needs, wants, and dreams. My girls and I text about anything from typos in the supermarket to sex to what we would do with the gazillions of Powerball dollars we are going to win one day. I cannot make it through life without my crew. I am humbled by them and their experiences and hardships. I am reminded that we all have struggles but we just keep going. If you stop…you are idle and you will be pushed to the side of the road waiting for repairs. So let’s just keep going. Let’s welcome the world and everything it brings the minute our feet hit the ground. Every. Damn. Day. 



Author: mrsfikar

Just a woman with big goals and dreams that will never die no matter where life takes me....

2 thoughts on “Every.Damn.Day.”

  1. No matter our age we continue to grow! I love your writing as usual. Love you and you are always a pedal on my flower 🌺 . The Rose of Sharon!😘.


    1. I LOVE and adore you. Meeting you (and I will never ever forget that day) has brought me more peace and LAUGHS than you will ever realize. Angels are sent to us every day. So glad my Sha Sha angel decided to stay with me. xoxo


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