It never ceases to amaze me that we learn something new every day. The smallest moments can deliver lessons which range from something so trivial to major life lessons. You just never know how you will learn, and who or what the teacher will be.

This weekend I returned to the famed Woodloch Pines resort in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Woodloch is a wildly popular family resort that offers a plethora of daily activities, spanning anywhere from jewelry making to Family Olympics to Scavenger Hunts. Let’s not forget the outrageously popular game of Bingo. Yes, Bingo – a seemingly benign game of marking letters and numbers called by an announcer. Bingo, though, in my world is the evil twin of that other anxiety provoking game named “Musical Chairs”. (I am happy to report that Woodloch did not offer this game option as I can’t be certain I would come out of that game unscathed! But I digress…).

Eight members of our party of fourteen signed up for Bingo and filed into the North Lodge on Saturday night. We purchased multiple sheets and those huge magic markers. There was a buzz in the room as the game started and it continued to escalate as the first game moved along. Inevitably, the first game came to a close when a lucky soul screamed out BINGO from the west side of the room.

When the game was called, people at our table tossed their markers…cursed…swore they’d never play this effing stupid game again – all to pick up their markers, start to pray, and proclaim their love of bingo the very second the Caller announced the next game and of course the jackpot for the winner.

Maybe because I was tired from running all over during Saturday’s resort activities or maybe because my brain was overstimulated by a ginormous serving of carbs and 78 cups of black tea – I started to think about Bingo and how it reminded me of our lives. Surely there is no one calling out a number of life challenges with the letter and number combo – “Hey Karen it’s time for work B11 (or in Bingo Lingo “Chicken Legs”).

Sometimes though it does feel like I’m playing a Bingo card each day. I’m checking off experiences of my every day with an oversized marker. I’m living in the anticipation of getting it all done. I just want the bingo. I want the prize. I pay careful attention to the numbers called so as not to miss anything. I checked the Big Board of Life to make sure I didn’t mark off the wrong combo.

We keep marking off our numbers on our sheets with amped up anticipation. We say things like “Come on… I only need four”… “I can taste winning”… “I only have “2TG“ which is fancy bingo-eze for two to go (you’re welcome). The anticipation is palpable. In life – someone does call Bingo when they win something, whether it be a planned goal, a promotion, or maybe even winning a real life Lotto drawing.

Even when someone wins though, the game is never really over right? Another game or life lesson starts right away. We can’t just stop playing or living just because your numbers didn’t come up or because you didn’t win the jackpot. We need to keep going and marking off our progress, even if we may not win.

May every card you play in the every day game of Bingo deliver a lesson or winning numbers. Here’s hoping that at some point your game sheet gets 2TG, then 1TG, and then perhaps the ultimate… Bingo!!!

Author: KikiFikar

Just a woman with big goals and dreams that will never die no matter where life takes me....

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